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The Cat's Meow is a small and very unique cat adoption center. While waiting for their new families, our cats live in large rooms, with windows and lots of natural light. We keep a minimal number of cats in each room, so they are happy and relaxed. Each room is designed to be comfortable for cats and people - with cat trees and scratching posts for the cats and sitting areas for people to relax and get to know the cats. Because the cats are not caged their personalities can shine and we have great success placing cats in homes where they will thrive.

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The Cat's Meow also operates a thrift shop called Thrifty Kitty. Thrifty Kitty sells gently used home goods and furnishings, antiques and collectibles at thrifty prices. All proceeds from Thrifty Kitty support the Cat's Meow and our charitable activities in the community.

Thrifty Kitty is located at 720 Commercial Avenue and is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Adoption center front
Front door
Preston and Cecil napping in the green room
Pink room
Purple room
Orange room